Fallout 4 – Chapter 4: We’re off on the road to Diamond City!


A good week had past productively, turning the Red Rocket from garage to a temporary compound. Danny wasn’t feeling right about it but he accepted he needed to come back to his once community of Sanctuary Hills.
He required the help of Codsworth, all that was left to be done was crop growth and even then Danny only took what looked good around the area but hadn’t the slightest idea of how to begin farming.

Days ago beforehand, Danny had run into his share of trouble.
Raiders caught wind of what transpired in Concord, they were on a man-hunt for his head when ever they saw him they had no hesitation to shoot.
‘For Gristle!’ those words left him restless without sleep for the few nights he had keeping his pistol by his bedside. Keeping a close eye on Concord, he made daily scavenging runs to the point that underground sewers looked enticing to search. It was definitely the safer of options only having to deal with mole rats and some crab-like creature Danny hadn’t seen yet.

Fortifying the Red Rocket took time, leaving word around Concord using sticky notes was a terrible idea for trouble but he kept Sanctuary Hills safe as their first line of defense as a vanguard, the extra man power was needed.
Even now nobody had yet to show up, Danny was getting desperate to stay afloat to the point he ran to an opportunistic moment. A trader by the side of the road, Danny cared nothing for her name, out of sadness he’d been hitting up on jet all those nights only addling him up. He was coming to terms with everything.


Officially sick of it, Danny declared to a bunch of chem dealers in front of the Drumlin Diner that ‘the world can officially bite my ass’ as they stared down each other from their gun barrels.

“We got our own problems vault boy, if you can make Trudy pay up then well be grateful” they explained.

“Fine, then put your guns down” Danny ordered.

“Alright, we don’t want trouble” withdrawing their pistols.

“Now, empty your pockets of all your caps” Danny smirked.

“…shit! fine.” Wolfgang grumbled.

By this point it didn’t really matter anymore to him, he was feeling suicidal but passed up the opportunity to dive into an antagonized flurry of bullets, he agreed to help.

“You’re not dealing with Wolfgang anymore. You’re dealing with me. Now hand it over before this get’s ugly” Danny snapped at Trudy.

Returning back to Red Rocket, he grew sick of the waiting, the impatience.
Turning over to Codsworth, he asked the only one left who felt like his true friend.

“Codsworth? how would you like to head to Diamond City with me?”

“Why, I’d be glad to accompany you sir, just say the word”

“Alright bud, wake me up bright and early tomorrow and we’ll make see what they’ve done to ole Fenway Park”.


Gathering Codsworth and Dogmeat together, Danny slung the old military bag he found along his back. Together they traversed a relatively empty Concord, through the road that led over near the Drumlin Diner, Codsworth picked up a sign of radiation in his sensors.
Confused, he asked which direction, shortly after the ghouls on his sensor came rushing at literal breakneck speed. Not wanting to waste bullets on them, Danny drew his switch blade preparing his stance to take on the brunt of their rough tackle. The ghouls pushed hard beyond the point their own skin was ripping itself away at Danny’s grabbing.

“Sir, thats not good for your health, do away with them quick” Codsworth alerted.

A knifing into the ghouls ear did to some effect slow them, it took repeated stabbings before their completely brain dead state would make them loose their grip on Danny and fall where they stand.
A cabin behind the wooded front became clearer as the investigated closer, they stayed weary keeping their wits about them.
Only a corpse on a mattress, Codsworth warned otherwise but Danny told him not to sweat it as he began taking coffee cups and hotplates that looked useful for the journey ahead. Peaking it’s head up and slowly raising it’s body in an unnatural manner, the corpse grabbed dogmeats leg, his face became clearer looking as a disfigured ghoul, only not long ago by the looks of it had it gone feral.
Danny did away with it shooting a bullet to it’s head, he kneeled down and severed off the fingers from dogmeats leg.

Kicking around a bunch of leaves showed an entrance to an old basement hatch. They proceeded down a rusty ladder, turning on his Pip-boy light Danny led them in front.
It was a carved out bunker down here, the dirt looked structural enough with steel beams for support but he didn’t feel comfortable being there. Opening the door at the end of the way, Codsworth warned Danny to step back immediately due to extreme radiation dosages.
Another ghoul, Codsworth rushed in sawing the limbs off it.

“Sir, I highly recommend you take a pill of Rad-X and wear your gas mask in here, judging by the lunacy in here, someone was trying to make a nuke”.

“God, haven’t people messed enough with that stuff” his disgust showing under the gas mask.

Time twiddled down, Danny wasn’t all to bright with computers and Codsworth was doing his best to limit down the radiation.

“Time… no. Riddle, no. Hmm, what about Nuke for the password”.

Unsurprised, that was the password with Danny feeling unimpressed and frustrated. They made their way to the surface doing a final look around for ghouls, none were in sight but over on a broken bridge were some people wearing old military fatigues and army helmets.

“Hey, you over there. I belong to Charley Company, Corporal Chavez, Fifth Infantry”

They looked at him and back at each other, Danny’s nostalgia came at the wrong time realizing they weren’t affiliated with the military at all seeing as they notched shots towards him laughing at the crap they heard.

“Codsworth, lets just kill them, they make me sick wearing my old comrades uniforms. Fucking raiders”.

He took cover behind the tree line along the road, he used his automatic pipe rifle to suppress fire. Codsworth leading the charge sawed into their limbs, exuding flamethrowers and burning everything alight. They were formidably rigid holding their ground, they were getting the better of Codsworth shooting off one of his arms. They were dealt with and dead but to be more disappointed, their gear was old and ruined, nothing any better then what he had. There was another one on the upper bridge.

“Forget it guys, this is clearly not getting us to Diamond City, let’s just follow the road straight through that Diner before it gets dark”.

They made it close seeing a row of apartments, the plan would’ve been to spend the night but Danny’s Pip-boy started flashing. It showed a distress call ‘Military Frequency AF95’, he was gasping with surprise that perhaps some form of proper militia was still protecting the Commonwealth. He ran as fast as he could following the frequency, they caught upto a backside alleyway, the sounds of lasers firing were getting alot clearer.

“Who are the Brotherhood of Steel?”

Feral ghouls lunged off the corner, narrowly avoiding he shot them from their backside quickly making his way to help.

A man in Power Armor without a helmet, a man injured prodding himself up by the doorway and a woman assisting fire. Danny immediately drew his pistol joining them in their fray, Codsworth leading the front and Dogmeat biting what he could.

When it was over, the man in Power Armor turned raising his laser rifles sights at Danny.

“I thank your assistance civilian but this is my compound, explain your business”

“Came as fast as I could, but you’re not what I was expecting”

“Oh, and what were you expecting exactly?”

Danny eyed him through his sunglasses, they didn’t look military but they were fairly much capable and organized to have come from something like a unit. He personally thought of Preston although good-willed and kind mannered, the Minutemen were an unorganized joke and Danny spent the week being their lookout post.


“So who are you people then?”

“We are the Brotherhood of Steel, we are an order who seek to preserve the preservation of technology and protect it from the mistakes of the past”

“Wait… so you steal technology and keep it for yourselves?” Danny said testing him.

“Of course not, we wish to prevent the mistakes made the brotherhood is the most trustful hands to ensure that won’t happen”.

Explaining more information inside, Danny walked in with Paladin Danse and Scribe Haylen helping Rhys inside. He was instructed by Danse to arm himself and recuperate as necessary before they head out for a job. Searching around the old police station, Danny found Haylen’s holotape playing it back to himself to get an impression on the brotherhood. He found the garage bellow level but was disappointed without any work stations, his armor was falling apart and needed studding and stitching to repair, there were spare guns needing a dismantling and his own weapons could use a cleaning.

Returning, Danny called his group to come with him to join with Paladin Danse. They huddled around a map on a table, Danse pointed at the Arcjet Systems factory which was a walk through the alley, down along the waterfront and and right turn through the street before seeing it ahead. They ran into minor resistance and raiders and mutated fauna getting in their way, Paladin Danse handled himself as a skilled soldier whilst Danny was getting sloppy in comparison.

“Before we head in, I need you to know this’ll be dangerous. You do as I say, when I tell you, without back talk. Do I make myself clear?”

“It’s not my first rodeo, I used to to be a soldier myself”

“Outstanding! Let’s proceed, weapons hot”.

Making their way, it was a new experience to see an office broken down yet structurally sound. Nothing to report, they proceeded further before coming into view of a pile of broken Protectrons.

“Hmm, no casings as you can see this must’ve been the work of Institute Synths”

“I see that… what are Synths?”

“They’re an abomination to the brotherhood, they’re callous misuse of technology makes them a threat to everybody in the Commonwealth and perhaps the rest of the world”

“You afraid of synths, Danse?” asking to expect a rise out of him.

“Course not, eyes front”

They’ve arrived at a terminal room, there was a holotape of scientists mostly chatting away about conscription into the war. In front of them is a bulk sealed door, Danse ordered to get it open at once, Danny groaning back to thoughts of the old days.
In a terminal was luckily a password reset, he activated it, going over the password to the other terminal to unlock the door.

A surprise ambush, synths layed in wait blasting their way through with blue lasers. Danse took action seeking cover fire from beside the door side. Danny behind the table had little room for cover, suppressing automatic fire on them, the synths were cautious of the doorway until Danse shot them adjacently.
The group pressed forward, tripping security still active, adjacent shooting from strategic corners made quick work for the hurdled moments between roof turrets.


In the main room stood a gargantuan rocket held in place at a testing sight.
The way looked clear and Danse barked his order to make way to spread out and recon for the objective device of technology, a deep range transmitter they had come for.
Only a room, it was clearly the testing module area, there was a fusion core generator ticking away still in use.
Removing the core, the lights turned off.
Danny also saw a terminal across from him and although dreading it, he spent minutes trying to decipher the keywords and continuously getting locked out until he found the word ‘Corporate’.

The passwords were always ironic, a cruel twist of satire Danny didn’t funny in the least.
He mistakenly inadvertently started the rocket’s launch procedure, in his foolery, Danny ran up to the observation window.
Synths were jumping down from the railings, Danny was pounding on the window yelling at Paladin Danse.

“Get out of there, Danse. You’re going to get cooked alive in there” thumping the window repeatedly.

Stepping back in instinct, the rocket emitted a flash burning, flaying alive the synths that melted and scorched by the sheer force.
Danse fortunately had his helmet on, only making his suite of armor insufferably hot.

“Oh my god, Are you alright Danse?”

“Nothing I can’t handle. Come on, we need to move onwards”

Taking the elevator, a rather tight fit, they were in view of the synths taking guard.
Not yet being alerted, Danny crouched and told Danse to hold, he took out a grenade from his bag and removed the pin. It rolled subtly into the room filled with Synths coercing in mundane pacing back and forth.
An explosion successful, Danny rushed into the room with Danse hailing automatic fire from his pipe rifle reducing them to scrap heaps.

“Good work, retrieve the receiver from their corpse and let’s get going”.

“We made it out alive. Firstly you have my thanks and I’d like that deep range transmitter returned”

“Your welcome, I think that went rather well”

“That run was sloppy, misguided, terribly ambushed!”

“But… come on Danse.”

“You did good, which is what brings me to the second thing. I want to extend to you, an invitation to the Brotherhood of Steel.”

As an added thanks, Paladin Danse gave Danny his modified Laser Rifle, the ‘Righteous Authority’ he dubbed it. He found it hard to reject the offer, it was a comfortable feeling holding a real laser rifle and felt alot more comforting then the excuse for a rifle Preston let him keep.
At this point to him, Danse was a better option then the minutemen. If it meant finding his son Shaun faster and the capability to have real help, it was a better offer to take.
Still, although they were different, Danny saw the old military distinctly in the Brotherhood and had fears of joining up.


He gulped and swallowed what was left of any pride and thought about his son first more then the other reasons.

“If it means a better chance, I’ll take it. I’ll join the Brotherhood.”

“Sir, I believe with the Brotherhoods resources, it’ll be easier now more then ever to find Shaun.

Paladin Danse looked perplexed, knowing his business and sticking to his regimented behavior he denied however asking any questions.
He pointed the way for Danny’s group to Diamond City, the safest route was making their way to the end of riverbank and then swimming across. Raiders have made the bridge way unsafe and the Raiders closer to Diamond City are allegedly a group of different class to the ones further out.

20170206153705_1Morning has come without sleep, Danny’s weariness has come to a close as he approaches the closed gate of Diamond City.

“I don’t believe it… they actually did turn Fenway Park into a settlement”

“Refresh my memory sir, did you care much for baseball back in the day?”

“Mmm, not really. Don’t you remember me sitting with a cup of coffee every Friday morning reading a new issue of Grognak?”

They come across a woman at first glance yelling at the gate before they hear a voice through an intercom talking back.
Danny couldn’t do much but just witness and wait his turn to use the intercom, scratching his chin, the group merely stood by watching.

She threw her tirade pacing back and forth, making deal after deal to be allowed back into the city. Was she a troublemaker? thief? a shifty trader?

“S’cuse me?”

“Hey buddy, you want into Diamond City?”

“Maybe… you done using the intercom yet?”

She shush’s Danny, putting her ruse to the test.

“Uhm… erh, whats that? you say your a trader from Quincy and you got a whole bunch of supply? You hear that Danny? You really want Crazy Myrna to lose out on this supply?”

Giving into demand, Danny let her inside.

“You coming in?”

“Don’t tell me what to do, girl”, Danny putting on his own ruse.

A man presumably the Mayor Mcdonough in question over the intercom was standing in wait to sink in his fury to Piper.
As Danny tried not to cause attention to himself, he just wanted to walk through the stadium gates and find a place to sleep for the night.

“You, don’t you care about free speech and the freedom of the press?”

“Look, I’m really tired and just want to go inside. I think the press stir’s up trouble with it’s fake news”

“Another blind sheep”

The mayor came chiming in stopping Danny at the door, buttering him up with sweet words and a second impression of introduction. When he asked why Danny had come to town, he simply replied ‘none of your business’.
He walked through following the signs, Piper and Mcdonough can still be heard bickering at each other as they were off.

An NCR Ranger… In Diamond City?

She stood to the side reading a paper, near a walkway leading down some steps.
Danny was intrigued although tired, but he didn’t know if she’d be around tomorrow.
What fascinated was that armor, he knew right away that was riot gear beneath the long coat, it was laughable at first but understandable.

If anything left on Danny’s mind, he was curious where the hotel or inn was; what ever they called it.

“Hey you, interesting paper you got there. Do you know where I can find a place to sleep?”

She looked up at Danny, smiling.
He grew suspicious but this wasn’t that kind of ruse smile, it was surprisingly warm, something in short supply from what he’s seen these days.


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