untitled-1Do you like roleplaying?

Essentially, the intended blog serves the purpose of posting RPG moments through screenshots and additional narrative joined together to create a storyline of the selected characters adventures.
Think of it like Twitch.tv if you have trouble imagining… but instead from the writers perspective.

Games such as Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, The Sims or anything with a wide variety of character creation and roleplay elements to name a few will be posted about.
On the other hand, game titles with a straight forward narrative or lacking of such will not likely be posted.

Who is J.R Squires?

I am an Aspiring Novelist who writes Epic Fantasies and currently Sci-Fi short stories.
If you wish to follow my work further, please feel free to send me an email under the “contact” tab or look at the “updates” in the sidebar for current information.

I indeed write my own stuff as well, just loved video games since I was a young lad and figured this was the perfect way to make a name for myself when I’m not working on novels, short stories or world building.
Films, TV, Theater, I practically enjoy anything with a good narrative attached to it so long as it convey’s a point without being drowned into typical tropes.

Generally my favorite food is Pasta, I own a dog and love to travel.
In hermit mode, I eat, sleep, – censored – and read up on occult/spiritual things.

If you simply enjoy what you see here, follow and see my activity in future.